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How to buy a kitten 


You see this little furball online or in the pet store and you can’t stand the cuteness. You want it like right now no matter what. Please, wait. If you want this experience to be positive I beg you to wait. And think. There are some steps to be done BEFORE you make this decision.

1. Do your homework. From a breeder or from a shelter? Will there be enough time to take care of the pet? Can you afford it? Will those other people that live with you be happy about a new family member? Any chance you may be allergic? What breed is most suitable? What should you know about the breed? What is the best place to get a kitten from?

2. Contact the place. Please, be nice and say what you are looking for. We hate requests that consist just of the question “How much?” Believe me, it’s important for me too if the person is ready for the price, but at least say hello and introduce yourself. You should be prepared enough to ask questions, to clarify the rules. Don’t hesitate to ask about health issues, adoption rules, and anything else that comes to your mind regarding the adoption process. The clearer it is now, the better it is later. Look for red flags that would indicate scammers and backyard breeders.

3. See the kitten. And ideally, the place where this kitten grows. And his parents. Evaluate personality. See it in real-time by the video call or in person. This is the best way to not get into fraud.

4. Ask for some time and make a decision. Put everything you know on the weights. This is a long term commitment you definitely don’t want to regret about. 





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