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If you google "Scottish fold kitten price" you'll get the numbers that are not really informative. This information is quite outdated and generalized. There are things that influent the price.

What is the type of kitten?

Kittens with folded ears are typically two times more expensive than kittens with straight ears. Rare or popular color, quality (closeness to the breed standard) also may add some $$ to the total price.

Where is the kitten located?

You may find that kitten from another country is much cheaper than from the US. And that is understandable, because in that another country may be a different standard of living, veterinary care cost, food cost, etc. But keep in mind, you'll add to the total cost shipping price. Another thing to remember, kittens may get traumatized during shipping/delivery. And, if you got a kitten abroad it may be extremely difficult to resolve health issues if those arise. 

What is included in the price?

What exact care does kitten get? What are the breeder's expenses before the kitten goes to the new home? Kittens from a reputable breeder are usually staying longer in the cattery for proper training and socializing, to be ready enough to live without mom. They are getting the best food and toys, 24/7 care and attention. They are checked by a veterinarian, vaccinated and most likely spayed/neutered before they go to the new home. 

Kitten mills and backyard breeders ask less, but don't care much. Their goal is quantity over the quality. Kittens are placed in new homes as early as possible, without vaccinations, testing, health verification, and unaltered. All those costs are on the new owner's shoulders. As well as possible health issues because of poor care. 

What is our price range?

We ask $1500-2200 for a kitten with folded ears and $800-1500 for a kitten with straight ears. Price includes spaying/neutering, all age-related vaccinations, and vet care.  The adoption fee for retired breeders is much less - around $200-500, but we are extremely picky about potential owners for our adult cats because we believe they deserve the best pet homes only. 

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