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                                                                  ADOPTION PROCESS

    The process of adopting a kitten starts with your inquiry. You are very welcome to ask us any question about our cats, kittens and breeding practices. Please, expect to be asked some questions about you and your lifestyle. We do care where our kittens go and are acting in their best interests. You are also welcome to visit our cattery before any reservation. Virtual Skype visits might be set up as well. 


    If we don't have available kitten that you like, there are two options for the waiting list. 

  1.  In case you are sure you are willing to wait a kitten from our cattery, we ask $100 deposit for the place in the waiting list. This deposit is a part of kitten's adoption fee and it is refundable. We are sorry, but as per our experience, money is the only way to see how serious people are. This deposit may be returned any time at your request before you reserve a kitten. People from the wait list have right to pick a kitten as soon as we have available for reservation kittens. Kittens picked in order to the person's place in the wait list and before we advertise them on our website.

  2. In case you are not sure, just follow us on Instagram to stay updated about available kittens. 


    An existing available kitten is reserved by putting reservation deposit. This deposit is 30% adoption fee and it is non-refundable. Please, make sure you are ready and can afford the kitten before you reserve it. We encourage people to read our contract and health guarantee sample before making non-refundable reservation.  Once the kitten is reserved, we are keeping you posted with updates and pictures. Sharlott Cattery reserves the right to cancel kitten's reservation. In that case deposit is returned in full amount same day.


    We sign a contract on the day the kitten is picked up. We require full adoption fee to be paid at the same time.





Q: What are your breeding practices?
A: We practice responsible breeding. All our breeding cats are TICA and WCF registered. We breed Fold to Straight only. All our Straights are Scottish Shorthair, some of them have British lines. Our adults and kittend are regularly checked by the vet, vaccinated up to date, loved and well cared. We are PKD, FIV, FelV negative cattery. 


Q: What is included in the adoption fee?
A: Kittens are ready to leave the cattery after 12 week age. By that age, they are checked by the vet, tested for parasites,  FIV/FeLV,  got 2 FVRCP shots, got worm preventing treatment and spayed/neutered.  


Q: Do you ship?

A: We prefer to sell kittens locally or to be picked up in person. If we have a choice between placing a kitten locally/kitten to be picked up or ship it, we definitely would choose the first option. Shipping price is not included in the adoption fee. 


Q: What types of payments do you accept?
A: We accept cash, checks, and PayPal. 


Q: Are your kittens socialized? trained?
A: Our kittens are underfoot raised with our family and other cats we have. They are well socialized, litter box and scratching post trained. Recommendations are available upon request.


Q: Do you offer stud service? Do you sell kittens for breeding purposes?
A: In case of such an inquiry expect specific questions from our side. We will definitely ask you about your breeding experience, breeding practices, whether your cats are registered or not, etc.


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