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Kitten stuff

Must get: 
1. Food (dry and canned).   Royal Canin mother and baby cat/kitten/Persian kitten dry and wet.  You also may choose any premium-class dry /wet food. Please, keep in mind if you choose your own food, the transition should be done gradually.
2. Feeding bowls. At least 3:  for water, for dry food, for wet food. (don't take soft plastic, stainless steel is preferable)
3. Litter box.
4. Litter. Any clay-clumping litter is ok, please, use unscented. We use “Tidy Cats free and clean unscented” with a green lid.  
5.  Litter scoop
6. Carrier. Medium size would be good.

These things are "must have".


1. Scratching post/toy
2. Toys (balls, laser pointers, springs, fabric mice, tunnel). Kittens are crazy about tunnels/cubes.

3. Grooming supplies (furminator, claw clipper, eye wash, ear wash, shampoo). 
4. Cat tree
5. Treats (freeze-dried chicken or turkey preferably). Human baby food (turkey, chicken or beef) is also a very good treat, they love it. Only meat, don't take it mixed with vegetables. Churu cat treats.
6. Cat bed/mat probably. But they usually sleep wherever they want :)


All this things you can order on . And much more, they have a lot of things. I like their service and prices.  


Great place to get raw food in case you decide to feed raw diet is


The things that are not in "must have" list you may buy any time you feel you need it. 

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